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The Coptic New Year

The Coptic New Year

The Coptic New Year also known as Nayrouz or Neyrouz is a feast when martyrs and confessors are commemorated within the Coptic Orthodox Church. Celebrated on September 11, the day is both the start of the Coptic new year and its first month, Thout. The Feast of Nayrouz marks the first day of the Coptic year. 


The word “Nayrouz” is of Coptic origin. 
The stem is niiaro-oo meaning: “the rivers.”
The suffex “ouz” is Greek, thus, the word “Niiaroouz.” 
- Taken from St.Markla.org

When celebrating this feast there are three things that should be on our minds:

  1. Honoring the millions of martyrs who sacrificed their lives as sacrifices of love for our Lord who sacrificed Himself on our behalf.
  2. Joyfully celebrating the beginning of the Coptic New Year.
  3. Expressing of our flamed eager for the last advent of Christ. Through the last two weeks before the feast the readings of the liturgies of the Eucharist concentrate of the Parousia of Christ.

The Coptic New Year, Nayrouz, is celebrated on September 11 on the Gregorian calendar, except for the year preceding a leap year when it’s celebrated on September 12.